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Everyone deserves healthy hair.

-The Ladies of Lavish

Healthy Hair Tip #1

DO NOT SHAMPOO TOO OFTEN: Shampooing your hair too often will strip the natural oils that your hair needs. We recommend that you shampoo your hair bi-weekly or once monthly.

Healthy Hair Tip #2

PRODUCTS MATTER: Each texture requires different products to cleanse and hydrate the hair. We recommend Mizani moisturizing shampoo and conditioning products; if you are unable to find these products please try products that specifically mention "hydrate and moisture". If you choose to moisturize your hair with oil products; please limit the amount of oil to once a week or once bi-weekly.

Healthy Hair Tip #3

HAIR FRIENDLY TOOLS & TECHNIQUES: Please do not aggressively brush or detangle your hair. Be gentle. Do not blow dry or flat iron your hair on high temperatures. Use a dime size amount of heat protectant prior to blow drying your hair.

Healthy Hair Tip #4

HEATLESS SHAPE-SHIFTING: If possible, try alternative styles such as flexi rod sets, roller sets or twist-outs. These styles will give your hair shape and control without excessive heat. 

Healthy Hair Tip #5

PROTECT YOUR HAIR OVERNIGHT: Simply protect your hair from abrasive materials while you are sleeping. Satin pillow cases are better for your hair compared to cotton pillow cases. Satin scarves are the best option; if you have a satin bonnet that will also work.

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